What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent solution for eliminating unwanted or extra hair growth. The treatment is safe for removing individual hairs from the body and face. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we perform electrolysis to permanently and safely remove unwanted hair with unsurpassed results.

What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment performed by an electrologist. The practitioner uses electricity to heat targeted hair follicles. The heat destroys the follicles permanently. Electrolysis eliminates all unwanted hair, no matter the cause: PCOS, MTF, hormone changes and imbalances, hereditary, or metabolic.

An electrologist will use a fine, sterile, and disposable probe to remove the hair follicle from the pore, treating it with electricity in the process. They’ll then release the treated hair using tweezers to prevent the growth of another hair in its place.

We promise to deliver the best results within a short time. Our team will use unsurpassed expertise, unrelenting dedication, and extensive experience to give you permanent hair removal results.

Regardless of your specific problem area, skin or hair type, age, or gender, our highly skilled electrologists will help you. We offer electrolysis treatment in a caring, kind, and safe environment.

Number of Sessions Required for Electrolysis Treatments

You may need to undergo several electrolysis sessions because many factors affect hair growth. The number of sessions required to remove hair permanently from a specific area varies from person to person. Most clients book an appointment weekly or every other week as advised.

Treatment length depends on various factors, such as the area that requires treatment and the kind of hair growing there. If the area that needs treatment is large and has coarse hair, you’ll require more treatments. Once you complete the recommended treatment, the unwanted or extra hair will not grow back.

After completing electrolysis treatments, you’ll be able to enjoy permanent hair removal. We offer electrolysis hair removal treatment on various hair and skin types. The treatment is excellent for sensitive areas like the bikini line or face. The time required for permanent hair removal is a worthwhile investment.

What To Do Before Electrolysis

Before your appointment, you should talk to your practitioner to know if there are guidelines to follow. You should not wax, tweeze, or shave before getting the treatment. Previous tweezing or waxing may bend the hair follicles, making it more challenging to get the needle deep into the root.

The hair should also be of a reasonable length so that the electrologist can easily pull it out. Trim your facial or body hair with scissors instead of shaving for great results.

We offer electrolysis, a permanent treatment to remove excess facial and body hair. The treatment is excellent for transgender individuals, men and athletes, and people with curly hair and dark skin. We will help you attain the desired hair-free, smooth, sophisticated look.

Get Electrolysis Hair Removal From Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care

At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we offer the best electrolysis hair removal service. We deliver great permanent hair removal results within the shortest time.

Our skilled electrologists use the latest technology and special techniques to remove hair permanently. We work with clients of all skin colors and hair colors. Schedule your electrolysis consultation with us today.

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