Preparing for Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis can help people with any hair color or skin tone achieve smooth, hair-free skin. This FDA-approved treatment involves inserting a thin needle down the hair follicle and running a small electrical current down to it to disable the hair follicle. To prepare for electrolysis hair removal and promote a comfortable experience, here are several steps you can take:

Schedule a Complimentary Electrolysis Consultation

Setting an appointment for a complimentary consultation can help you prepare for electrolysis hair removal. At this appointment, our electrologists can look at your hair to determine your specific treatment plan. We can also discuss whether you want to do traditional electrolysis or our exclusive Comfort+ Electrolysis protocol. This is the same treatment as traditional electrolysis but combined with a comfort protocol that includes local numbing injections and topical numbing cream. This protocol can help improve your comfort, results, and treatment efficiency.

Avoid Hair Removal Methods Before Your Treatment

Limit other hair removal methods that can bend the hair follicle before your appointment. This includes waxing, threading, shaving, and plucking. Electrolysis may be most effective when some hair growth is present, making it easier to follow the hair follicle with the needle when removing the hair.

Stay Hydrated

Well-hydrated skin may recover faster and make the treatment more comfortable. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment. Avoid drinks that can dehydrate your skin, such as alcohol and caffeine. This can help prepare your skin for the electrolysis process and potentially improve your recovery time.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Minimize sun exposure to the treatment area before your electrolysis session. This includes using tanning beds. Tanned and sunburned skin may be more sensitive, possibly impacting the effectiveness of the treatment. If you will be out in the sun, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin.

Come With Clean Skin

On the day of your appointment, clean the treatment area. Avoid applying lotions, makeup, and other substances that can interfere with the process. Products that can irritate your skin, such as retinol, should also be avoided. 

Follow Aftercare Directions

Your trained electrologist can provide you with detailed aftercare directions following your electrolysis session. These instructions may include avoiding sun exposure, heat, and friction, avoiding certain skincare products, and keeping the area clean. These directions are designed to help your skin recover faster and keep you comfortable.

Visit Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care For Electrolysis Hair Removal

By taking these steps to prepare for your electrolysis treatments, you can make sure your experience is as effective and comfortable as possible. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers a Comfort+ Protocol for clients who are worried about discomfort during their sessions. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method. It can treat any hair color and type on any skin tone, regardless of the cause of the hair growth, including heredity, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and more. Schedule your complimentary electrolysis consultation today to learn more about how electrolysis hair removal can help you. 

Electrolysis for Women With PCOS: Managing Excessive Hair Growth

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition characterized by irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, and increased androgen levels. Another symptom that women with PCOS can face is excessive hair growth, also known as hirsutism. If you have PCOS and are interested in managing or getting rid of excess hair permanently, electrolysis hair removal may be the option for you.

How Does PCOS Affect Hair Growth?

PCOS can lead to an overproduction of androgens, including testosterone. Excess amounts of testosterone can contribute to excess hair growth. This hair is often dark and coarse and can be found on the face, chest, back, and other areas of the body. Many women suffering from hirsutism may find this extra hair growth inconvenient and emotionally distressing.

Benefits of Electrolysis for Women With PCOS

Electrolysis hair removal can help permanently stop the growth of unwanted hair. Electrolysis is a more permanent solution than other hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. It can also offer more precise results than laser hair removal. This treatment uses an electrical current to destroy individual hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. The thin needle used during the treatment allows electrologists to be highly precise, targeting specific hairs without affecting the surrounding skin.

Removing unwanted hair with electrolysis can help improve the texture and appearance of your skin. It does this by reducing the need for shaving, which can cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Electrolysis treatments help you avoid other hair removal treatments that may cause skin irritation, like waxing. Electrolysis is also effective on all skin tones and hair types or colors, including fine, light, and blonde hair. This makes it an option for individuals who don’t qualify for laser hair removal, which works best for candidates with light-to-medium skin tones and coarse, dark hair.

Electrolysis is considered a safe hair removal treatment. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, our electrologists are trained to follow safe and sterile practices while providing hair removal treatments. You may experience some discomfort during the treatment, but it should be temporary. If you are concerned about experiencing pain during your treatment session, consider scheduling a comfort+ electrolysis treatment. During this treatment, an electrologist or licensed nurse practitioner applies numbing cream and local numbing injections to the hair removal site. These products can help make the treatment more comfortable for you. 

Visit Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care For Electrolysis Hair Removal

Women with PCOS may experience the growth of excess body hair. Electrolysis can help women with PCOS remove unwanted hair permanently, and it is effective for women with any hair texture or color. This treatment is a safe way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers two types of electrolysis hair removal treatments: traditional electrolysis and comfort+ electrolysis. Comfort+ uses the same technology as traditional electrolysis but includes a topical numbing cream and local numbing injections. This can make the process more comfortable for clients. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn more about electrolysis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can offer a long-term solution for unwanted hair. With regular treatments, hair can be permanently reduced or eliminated. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers laser hair removal, sometimes called laser hair reduction. Here are the most frequently asked questions about this treatment:

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser hair treatment uses concentrated light to target and destroy hair follicles. This reduces or permanently prevents hair growth in the treated area. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we use the Candela GentleMax Pro for laser hair reduction. The technology uses dual wavelengths to treat most skin types, and it has a unique cooling device that can make the treatment more comfortable.

Are the Results Permanent?

A laser can significantly reduce hair growth, but it may not permanently remove all hair. Some hair can be permanently removed, and some hair may become finer and lighter after treatment. It can take multiple treatment sessions to see the results you want. To maintain your results, you may need to schedule occasional follow-up sessions.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

You can expect to attend 6–12 laser sessions to achieve the results you want. Each session will be approximately 4–8 weeks apart, depending on the area that we are treating. You may also want to commit to 1–4 follow-up treatments a year to maintain your results.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

The ideal candidate for hair removal is someone with dark hair, but we can treat most skin tones. The laser does not work on blonde or white/gray hair. We offer complimentary consultations to help you determine if you are a good candidate for this type of hair removal. If you are not, you may still be a good candidate for electrolysis hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Reduction Painful?

Most people describe the feeling as a mild discomfort, such as a rubber band snapping against the skin. The technology that we use includes cooling mechanisms, which can minimize discomfort. We can also adjust the settings during your treatment to help enhance your comfort level.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Laser hair reduction can treat any area that has dark, unwanted hair. Popular treatment areas include the underarms, legs, bikini line, arms, and face. We can also treat sensitive areas like the upper lip and chin. 

How Should I Prepare for Laser Appointments?

Before your session, avoid sun exposure and tanning beds. Shave the area that you are treating a day or two before your appointment. There must be hair in the follicle for the treatment to be effective, so avoid waxing or plucking.

Are There Side Effects?

The most common side effects of laser hair reduction include skin irritation, redness, and swelling. These side effects are usually mild and subside within a few hours or a few days. Laser hair reduction may have the potential to cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin). These side effects are usually temporary and fade over time.

Visit Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care for Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal provides a convenient and long-term solution to unwanted hair. With regular treatments, it can significantly reduce or eliminate hair growth. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we offer laser hair reduction and electrolysis to remove hair. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Right for Me?

You can receive electrolysis hair removal treatments at Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, among other hair removal procedures. Electrolysis offers several benefits, such as successfully targeting all hair types, working on all skin colors, and more. Here is more information to help you determine whether electrolysis is right for you:

What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis hair removal is an FDA-approved permanent hair removal technique that targets individual hair follicles. It is effective on all skin types and hair colors, making it a versatile hair removal option for nearly everyone. Electrolysis specialists deliver a small electrical current directly into each hair follicle through a fine, sterile probe. This electrical current damages the follicle’s ability to produce new hair. This can lead to permanent hair removal by preventing future growth.

Is Electrolysis Right for Me?

When determining whether this treatment is right for you, some factors to consider include your desired treatment area and the color and type of your hair and skin. Consider also your ability to commit time to the process, your pain tolerance levels, and your medical history.

Hair Type & Color

Electrolysis is effective on all hair colors and types. Whether you have fine, coarse, light, or dark hair, electrolysis can successfully target and remove it. Some other hair removal methods, like laser hair removal, can only target darker or coarser hair. Those who have light or fine hair may benefit more from electrolysis treatments than other methods. 

Skin Type & Color

Unlike laser hair removal methods that work best on certain skin types and colors, electrolysis is safe and effective for all skin tones. If you have concerns about how your skin might react to other hair removal methods, consider electrolysis. It can be used to treat virtually any part of the body, including areas with sensitive or delicate skin. Whether you want to remove hair from your face, arms, legs, bikini area, or any other area, electrolysis can provide permanent results.

Time Commitment

Electrolysis may require multiple sessions to achieve permanent hair removal. The number of sessions needed varies from person to person. The time commitment also depends on factors like the size of the treatment area and hair thickness and density. Consider whether you can commit to the process before starting electrolysis. Committing yourself to attending all your scheduled sessions helps you receive the best results.

Pain Tolerance & Medical History

While electrolysis is generally well-tolerated by clients, it can cause some mild discomfort. Some patients say the pain is similar to a stinging or pricking sensation. If you have a low pain tolerance, discuss your concerns with our licensed electrologist to make sure you are comfortable during the process. Consider your medical history before beginning this treatment. Some skin conditions or allergies can affect the hair removal treatment. We can help assess whether or not your medical history may affect the treatment and its results. 

Schedule Electrolysis Hair Removal

Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers electrolysis hair removal services that may help you achieve permanent hair removal. Before undergoing treatment, consider factors such as the time commitment, your pain tolerance, medical history, hair and skin color, and more. Contact us today to learn more about electrolysis treatment sessions and whether this treatment method is right for you.  

6 Common Botox Treatment Areas

Botox treatment can be used in several different areas. You can get Botox on the forehead, chin, jawline, and other areas of the face. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we can help determine where Botox would best suit you. Here are six common botox treatment areas for you to choose from: 

1. Forehead and Frown Lines

Botox is often used to treat horizontal forehead lines that appear when you raise your eyebrows. It can also slightly elevate the brows, creating a more youthful and open-eyed appearance.

Frown lines are the vertical lines that form between the eyebrows when you frown or squint. Botox can smooth out these lines by relaxing the muscles responsible for their formation. 

2. Crow’s Feet and Nose Wrinkles

Crow feet refer to the lines that begin at the corner of the eye and move outward. These lines often appear when you smile or squint. Botox injections can reduce the appearance of these lines by relaxing the muscles around the eyes.

Nose wrinkles are the fine lines that appear on the sides of the nose when you scrunch your nose. Botox can be used to smooth out these lines as well.

3. Eyebrows and Chin

Our team can strategically inject Botox to lift and shape the eyebrows, creating a more youthful and alert appearance. This treatment can soften dimpling and wrinkles in the chin area. It can also help with “cobblestone” or pebbly chin appearance.

4. Platysma Bands and Jawline

Botox injections can help relax the platysma muscle in the neck. This can reduce the appearance of horizontal bands or “turkey neck.” These horizontal bands can increase and deepen with age or changes in weight.

Botox can be used in the jawline to help reduce the appearance of a wide or squared-off jaw. This can create a slimmer and more defined facial contour for those who prefer the look of a slimmer jaw.

5. Gum and Lip Lines

If you have excessive gum exposure when smiling, the team at Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care can use Botox to relax the muscles that cause your upper lip to lift too high when smiling. This helps create a smile with less gum exposure while keeping your teeth in view. 

We can treat lip lines, also known as smoker’s lines, with Botox. We use Botox to soften the vertical lines that appear around the lips. Those who smoke and those who have age-related changes may experience these lines slowly becoming more prominent with time.

6. Hyperhidrosis

People who experience excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis can benefit from Botox. Botox can reduce excessive sweating in the palms, underarms, and soles of the feet. Botox works by blocking the sweat signals in those particular areas to reduce the secretion of sweat.

Botox Treatment Areas

At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we can help you choose which areas would benefit most from Botox. We can use Botox on the forehead, around the mouth, and more. Our team also offers skincare packages like facials or hair removal treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our Botox treatments. 

Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas for the Body

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses light to heat and destroy hair follicles. The technique is non-invasive and can reduce unwanted hair growth. If you want to avoid managing unwanted hair, laser may be the best option for you. The most popular areas of the body to receive laser hair removal include:


The underarms are a popular area for hair removal because they can respond well to the treatment. Laser is most effective on those with dark hair and a light to medium skin tone. The hair found in the underarms can be coarser and darker, and the skin may be lighter because it is not exposed to the sun as often as other skin on the body. It is also an area where many clients shave regularly. If you experience irritation or ingrown hairs from shaving your armpits, or you are just tired of shaving, laser hair removal can target the hair follicles at the root, leading to reduced hair growth over time.

Bikini Area

The bikini area is another area that can respond well to laser treatments. It can also be a problematic area to shave, sometimes leading to irritation and razor burn. Laser can eliminate your bikini line hair concerns. You can choose how much hair you want to remove from this area, from a bikini line cleanup to a Hollywood or Brazilian treatment.

Face and Neck

Laser can also remove unwanted hair from the face and neck. Popular areas include the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Both men and women utilize hair removal in these areas – whether to remove it entirely or to create a cleaner line for facial hair. Laser is a precise method that can target these areas and lead to a smoother complexion and overall skin tone.


Hair-free and smooth legs can make it easier to manage skin upkeep. This treatment can target hair on the upper and lower legs. It can be a good option if you want to get rid of unwanted hair on your thighs, calves, ankles, or your entire leg and keep your skin moisturized. You can also extend further to your feet and toes if wanted.

Back and Chest

Laser can be a good option for people who have unwanted hair on their backs, chest, and shoulders. This can be a popular option among men who struggle to manage their hair growth and want to achieve a well-groomed appearance. The treatment can reduce or eliminate hair in these larger areas, leading to smoother skin without the need for waxing or shaving.


Some clients have unwanted dark hair on their arms. Whether you want to remove hair from the entire arm or just specific sections, this treatment can help reduce hair growth. Treatments on the arms are most commonly on the forearms. Along with leg hair removal, it covers a large treatment area.

Popular Laser Hair Removal

These areas are some of the most popular that clients get laser hair removal for, but most hair that is dark and coarse can be treated using this treatment. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we use the Candela GentleMax Pro system to complete laser hair reduction. It can treat most skin tones and types and is designed to increase comfort and protect your skin during treatment. If you want to reduce your hair growth, book an appointment today.

5 Questions and Answers About Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal can be an effective method to remove hair permanently. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers traditional electrolysis and Comfort+ electrolysis. Here are five questions and answers to help you become more familiar with electrolysis:

1. What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal is a method that uses an electric current to damage the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth. An electrologist inserts a thin instrument into the hair follicle and applies a small electrical current. This current damages the follicle’s ability to regenerate hair, leading to gradual and permanent hair reduction over time. The FDA considers this a permanent solution, and it is suitable for all skin and hair types.

 2. Is Electrolysis Painful?

Some people may experience discomfort during the procedure. This pain is often described as a hot stinging or pricking sensation. Because pain tolerance varies from person to person, the pain may feel differently to you than to others. There are ways to minimize the pain during your treatment. Ask your electrologist if they use topical numbing creams to minimize discomfort during traditional electrolysis. Comfort+ electrolysis providers can use a combination of topical numbing cream and numbing injections to reduce pain during treatment. Confirm with your electrologist that the numbing cream they use is safe for your skin and adheres to the guidelines of their machines. 

3. How Long Are Sessions, and How Many Will I Need?

The session duration largely depends on the size of the treatment area. Smaller areas, like the chin or upper lip, may take around 15-45 minutes. Larger treatment areas like the back or legs could require up to a few hours per session. The number of sessions you’ll need varies based on factors such as hair density, thickness, and location of the treatment area. Hairs grow in different cycles, so whether you’re treating one or multiple sites, you may need several sessions to target all hairs in the area. Traditional electrolysis can take up to 18+ months to complete, while Comfort+ electrolysis averages from six to 12 months.

4. What Are the Most Commonly Treated Areas?

We can perform electrolysis on almost any body part. The most popular areas include the face, arms, underarms, bikini lines, and legs. Electrolysis is safe hair removal for all skin types and hair types, and an electrologist can customize this hair removal treatment to fit your specific needs. Individuals who are on blood thinners and other medications should avoid electrolysis.

5. Is Electrolysis More Effective Than Other Hair Removal Methods?

Electrolysis has been approved by the FDA as a method for permanent hair removal. While other methods like waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal offer temporary results, electrolysis can provide a lasting solution. Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method, so once a hair follicle is successfully treated, it is less likely to regrow.

Visit Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care

Our electrologists are trained to give you lasting hair removal results. People with all skin and hair types can use electrolysis for hair removal in various areas of the body. Ask your electrologist about any medications you’re taking before you schedule your appointment to make sure they won’t interfere with the treatment. Contact Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care today to learn more about our traditional electrolysis and Comfort+ electrolysis treatments. 

The Difference Between Galvanic and Thermolysis Electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal helps people manage unwanted hair located anywhere on the body. There are two different types of electrolysis, galvanic and thermolysis. Here is more information about galvanic and thermolysis electrolysis and their differences:

Galvanic Electrolysis

Galvanic electrolysis is a type of hair removal that uses a chemical reaction and a direct electrical current to kill the hair follicle. This process is most effective on coarse hair. During the treatment, an electric node is placed on the hair, and the electrical current moves down to the base of the hair follicle. A chemical reaction occurs during this process, turning the current into a liquid called lye. The lye damages the hair follicle, causing it to die and be unable to regrow. One of the benefits of this type of electrolysis is less regrowth between appointments. The treatment time is longer than other forms of electrolysis because it takes longer for the electric current to create the fluid that must reach the follicle base. 

Thermolysis Electrolysis

Thermolysis electrolysis uses localized heat to weaken the cells in the tissue and destroy the hair follicles. This process is referred to as electrocoagulation. Thermolysis is one of the fastest and least painful types of electrolysis hair removal. This method uses an alternating current that moves back and forth between the poles of the probe. The current is lower in intensity than galvanic electrolysis, and more hair regrowth may occur between visits. 

Combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis Electrolysis

Many electrologists use a combination of the two types of permanent hair removal on clients for the most effective results. One of the main advantages is that the combined electrolysis takes less time than the galvanic method. The combined approach is also more comfortable for the client than galvanic electrolysis alone. Combining the techniques is more effective than relying on one method, which means less hair regrowth in the future. Even when these methods are used together, clients require multiple treatments. Hair grows at different rates in different areas of the body, meaning that not all follicles can be destroyed simultaneously. 

Choosing the Right Method of Electrolysis

Most electrologists offer both methods and will combine them when it proves to be more effective. Regardless of which method is right for you, always have a trained electrologist perform the procedure. They will consider your hair and skin needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we use the latest techniques and equipment to get the best results for our clients. Our electrologists provide traditional electrolysis treatments with topical numbing cream and injections to make your experience more comfortable.  

Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care Provides Effective Electrolysis Hair Removal

Consider electrolysis hair removal treatments if you want to remove unwanted body hair. The Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care specialists can perform traditional electrolysis sessions that last up to 2 hours and target any body area. We can also perform comfort+electrolysis or large-volume electrolysis for the face, underarms, and bikini areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll help you determine the type of electrolysis treatment that’s right for you.

The Benefits of Botox for Managing Chronic Migraines

Botox treatment is often used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help alleviate the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches, preventing them before they start. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we’re committed to helping our clients enjoy the full benefits of Botox. Our team can assess your needs and customize a treatment plan for optimal results.

The Relationship Between Botox Injections and Chronic Migraines

Botox is well-known for its cosmetic benefits, as it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines by preventing muscle contractions, but its benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Botox injections can also reduce migraines by blocking the release of pain-causing chemicals. This prevents the chemicals from activating pain networks in the brain, preventing the migraine headache from beginning.

Benefits of Botox Treatment for Chronic Migraines 

One of the main benefits of Botox injections for chronic migraines is the headache relief and reduced frequency experienced. Botox treatments are typically considered for adults over the age of 18 experiencing 15 or more headache days each month. Each treatment lasts for approximately 10-12 weeks, and it can take multiple treatments for individuals to notice the effects. Here’s an in-depth look at the reasons to consider Botox injections at Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care:


Botox has been FDA-approved for decades, a testament to its safety. We enhance clients’ safety by only allowing experienced providers to administer the injections. Our licensed professionals have undergone training to determine appropriate Botox quantities and injection sites. They’ll develop a customized treatment plan during your consultation to suit your needs.

Minimally Invasive

Botox injections are especially beneficial for clients looking for solutions with little to no downtime. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we perform the treatment in an outpatient setting, as it only takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. If you’re a new patient, you only need to schedule 30 minutes, as your treatment will first start with a consultation. Since the treatment is minimally invasive, you don’t need to set time aside for recovery. You can go about your day as you would normally, provided you follow our provider’s after-care recommendations for optimal results.

Reduced Migraine Frequency 

Botox injections can reduce how often you experience your migraines. Reports show that some patients who undergo two or more Botox treatments experience an approximate 50% reduction in their headache days. This means fewer debilitating episodes, so you can rely less on over-the-counter medications for pain relief. Reducing medication use may decrease the risk of experiencing potential side effects from over-dependence. We encourage our clients to get professional diagnoses from migraine headache specialists before scheduling appointments for Botox injections to make sure it’s the right solution for their individual cases.

Alleviated Migraine Intensity

It can take as long as six months to experience maximum relief from Botox. Some clients experience less severe pain and discomfort during their migraine attacks after receiving Botox injections. Reduced pain intensity can help make migraines more manageable and minimize their disruptive effects on your life. Not worrying about impending migraine attacks may also improve your quality of life. You may find engaging in work, family activities, and social interactions easier. 

Seek Personalized Botox Treatment

Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care is a licensed medical spa offering reliable Botox treatments for clients in Chicago. Our team has undergone extensive training, equipping them with the skills to administer Botox injections properly. We can help you reduce wrinkles, minimize fine lines, and experience the many additional benefits of Botox with our customized treatment plans. Schedule your Botox treatment with us today.

How To Maintain Smooth, Hair-free Skin Between Hair Removal Appointments

At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we help our clients manage their unwanted body hair through laser hair removal, a permanent hair reduction procedure. You may experience some hair growth between appointments, especially if you’re just getting started with laser treatments. While hair growth between appointments should be minimal, we understand our clients’ desire for smooth skin, so here are some tips for maintaining smooth, hair-free skin:

Avoid Waxing, Plucking, or Bleaching Treatment Areas

Don’t wax or pluck your hair between laser hair removal sessions, as doing so could damage the hair follicles. Our laser removal technology targets the hair follicles, so they must stay intact for the procedure to be effective. We also advise against bleaching as this removes the hair’s natural pigment. The pigment plays a key role in laser removal as it absorbs light from the laser, allowing the light to penetrate the hair follicles and slow their growth. 


We encourage clients to shave between appointments to maintain their laser hair removal results. Shaving eliminates hair that grows past the skin’s surface, giving you a hair-free appearance. It can also enhance your laser hair removal results by allowing the laser to target hair follicles more directly. The easier we can reach the follicles, the more effective the procedure will be, leaving you with smoother skin. 

Shower before shaving to soften your skin and remove sweat and natural oils from the hair follicles. Showering will also hydrate your hair, making it easier to shave. Use a moisture-rich shaving gel or cream to hydrate the hair further and facilitate smooth razor movements across your skin. After applying the gel or cream, shave the hair and rinse your skin thoroughly to remove any remaining product. Our team can recommend appropriate shaving gels after analyzing your skin to help prevent adverse reactions like skin irritation and rashes.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Skin 

You may experience a lot of shedding after your laser appointment at Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care. You can accelerate the shedding process by exfoliating the treatment area several times weekly. Exfoliating also helps remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, preventing pores and hair follicles from clogging. This can prevent ingrown hairs, allowing you to enjoy smoother skin for longer. If you have sensitive skin, limit exfoliating to once a week or every other week. Consider wearing exfoliating gloves to protect your hands and prevent irritation. 

Moisturize your skin daily to prevent dryness. The right moisturizer will help soothe your skin and reduce the risk of irritation between hair removal appointments. Our specialists can recommend the appropriate exfoliant and moisturizer for your skin type.

Limit UV and Heat Exposure 

Too much UV light exposure can cause skin irritation between appointments, preventing you from shaving or forcing you to put off subsequent hair removal sessions for longer than necessary. We typically recommend our clients schedule their sessions four to eight weeks apart. Rescheduling your session outside of this timeframe can affect your results. Avoid sunbathing for several weeks after your hair removal session to protect your skin and stick to your recommended treatment schedule. If you can’t avoid sun exposure for extended periods, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF. 

Too much heat can also cause skin irritation after treatment. Take cool or lukewarm showers instead of hot ones for several days after your hair removal appointment to prevent redness and itching. Avoid saunas, hot tubs, and heat pads to prevent skin and hair follicle damage. 

Care For Your Skin and Hair Between Your Laser Hair Removal Appointments

Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care helps clients achieve long-term hair removal results by using the latest laser technology. Our team will assess your skin and hair type before your hair removal session and create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs. You can shave, moisturize, exfoliate, and avoid heat and UV light for smooth, hair-free skin between sessions. Schedule a consultation or laser hair removal appointment today to learn more about our treatment options.