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candela gentlemax pro
candela gentlemax pro

Candela GentleMax Pro

As the Gold Standard in laser technology, the Candela GentleMax Pro at Cirine provides effective, comfortable, and efficient laser hair skin tighening treatments.

The GentleMax Pro system offers non-invasive skin rejuvenation for most skin types with no downtime.

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Treatment Highlights

• FDA-Cleared Device

• Fast & Effective

• No Downtime

• Minimal Discomfort

• Non-Invasive

Laser Hair Skin Tightening Results


Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal to no downtime. It works by heating the dermis layer of your skin which stimulates growth of new collagen fibers to plump your skin and minimize sagging and wrinkles. Collagen fibers take approximately 3 months to develop and results are cumulative with multiple treatments recommended.

During this quick treatment your skin will feel warm as the laser energy is applied to the face and neck in sections. Your skin may appear red following treatment, however this typically subsides within 1-2 hours.

The first step is to complete a complimentary consultation. At your consultation, we’ll explain the service, review your health and skin care history, and take photographs.

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Laser skin tightening with the Candela GentleMax Pro stimulates collagen production to plump and tighten the skin. Collagen fibers take approximately 3 months to develop however you may begin to notice results sooner, as you process through your treatment series.

Most individuals will need 6-8 sessions to achieve the desired results. After the initial series, follow-up treatments 1-4 times per year may be necessary to maintain results.

Sessions are recommended approximately 4 weeks apart.

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