Electrolysis Service Comparison

Compare Our Electrolysis Services: Traditional, Comfort+, and Large Volume

Session Length

Pain Level

Topical Numbing Cream

Numbing Injections *

IV Sedation *

Time to Completion

Frequency of Treatments

Ideal Candidates

Areas of Treatment

Traditional Electrolysis

Up to 2 hours

Moderate to significant

None or client-supplied

Average of 18+ months

Every 1 - 3 weeks

Everyone; good pain tolerance; sparse hair growth


Comfort+ Electrolysis

Up to 6 hours


Average of 6 - 12 months

Every 4 - 8 weeks

Low pain tolerance; dense hair growth; PCOS clients

Face, underarms, stomach, and bikini

Large volume electrolysis

up to 15 hours/day


Average of 10 - 12 months

Every 10 weeks

Lowest pain tolerance; dense hair growth; significant amount of hair; MtF clients; PCOS clients

Face; genital

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