Benefits of Large Volume Electrolysis

Large Volume Electrolysis with Local Anesthetic Injections and IV Sedation


Large Volume Electrolysis vs. Traditional Electrolysis

Traditional Electrolysis Large Volume Electrolysis
Treatment/Session Duration Up to 2 hours Up to 45 hours (2 technicians over 3 days)
Comfort Protocol Topical numbing cream available (client applied) Topical numbing cream, physician administered intravenous sedation and local nerve & field blocks (numbing injections)
Time to Completion 2-5+ years approx. 1 year
Total Treatment Hours 200-400+ hours Up to 110 hours
Frequency of Treatment Every week 10 weeks
Visible Hair Weekly Every 10 weeks for 4-6 days
Number of Electrologists Working at Once One Up to 3
Ability to Remove Genital Hair for GCS Simultaneously No Yes
*Single dose of IV sedation before initial injections.

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