Transgender Hair Removal

Transgender Hair Removal

The Leaders in Large Volme Electrolysis
& Pre-Surgical MTF Electrolysis

Whether transitioning from Male to Female (MtF) or from Female to Male (FtM), Cirine® Hair Removal & Skin Care will make the hair removal process simple and pleasant. 

We specialize in transgender hair removal, helping everyone feel like their true selves. Our highly specialized team of licensed estheticians and electrologists will help you attain that perfectly smooth look. 

Cirine® is LGBTQ+ friendly and is Chicago’s premier destination for transgender electrolysis.

Transgender Permanent Hair Removal Services

Permanent hair removal can be complex, expensive and painful. At Cirine®, we are committed to making the process smooth, accessible and comfortable. We offer MtF genital electrolysis, transgender facial hair removal and large-volume electrolysis to deliver fast and painless results.

MtF Genital Electrolysis

If you need permanent hair removal before gender confirmation surgery, genital electrolysis is the solution. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. We offer:

Transgender Facial Hair Removal and Large Volume Electrolysis

Large Volume Electrolysis is the safest, most effective and expeditious method of permanent hair removal. We provide:

Travel Accommodations

If you plan to visit Cirine® for lengthy hair removal procedures or undergoing surgery in the region, we have compiled a list of hotels near our practice in Wilmette. 

Book your stay at these hotels to make visiting our center convenient. 


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At Cirine®, we are passionate about getting you the results you desire and need to embrace yourself fully. We use cutting-edge services and advanced skincare techniques to deliver lasting results. Our licensed, certified, professionally trained team consults with you to make transgender hair removal services straightforward.