Pre-Surgical Electrolysis

MtF Genital Electrolysis

If you’re in need of permanent genital hair removal prior to gender confirmation surgery, electrolysis is your answer. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal.

Our Genital Electrolysis Process

We have experience working with many clients who have seen a variety of surgeons for gender confirmation surgery. Most surgeons follow a similar guideline for the number of clearings and which hair they would like removed before surgery. However, if your surgeon has particular requirements we are happy to follow their request.

Pre-surgical electrolysis  could take approximately 4-6 sessions, ideally spaced approximately 10 weeks apart. We recommend starting as soon as possible to allow yourself enough time for treatment before surgery. Hair cannot be removed from internal areas after surgery is complete. The initial session could take up to 6+ hours, on average. At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we offer physician-administered intravenous sedation* and numbing injections to increase client comfort and allow for the longer sessions necessary to treat the genital area.

If desired, genital electrolysis can be performed simultaneously with facial electrolysis.

Pre-Surgical Hair Removal Pricing

  • Up to 6 hours, performed by 1 electrologist
  • $190.00/hour with a deposit of $1000.00 required*
  • Comfort Protocol:
  • Topical lidocaine: Complimentary
  • Physician-administered Intravenous Sedation* & Numbing Injections: $750/day

*Note: Deposit due at the time of scheduling. Balances are due on the date of treatment before the session begins. Minimum charge is for 4 hours plus comfort protocol fee and preparation fee. Single dose of IV sedation for initial injections. Preparation fee additional.

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