Aftercare and Recovery for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, or laser hair reduction, is a treatment for reducing unwanted hair. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care offers laser removal for most skin types and body areas. Your hair removal professional will provide post-treatment recommendations to improve the recovery process after laser treatment. Here is more information about aftercare and some recovery suggestions: 

Apply a Cool Compress 

Redness and swelling are common in the first hours following a laser hair removaltreatment and may last a few days. Apply ice or a cool compress to the affected area for 5-10 minutes to reduce inflammation. Your laser technician may recommend applying a steroid cream or gentle moisturizer after icing to soothe the area. If the area feels itchy after treatment, pat it gently and avoid scratching to prevent further irritation. 

Moisturize Regularly 

Clients may experience mild swelling, redness, or discomfort around the treated area throughout the healing process. Keeping the skin moist but not wet helps boost healing by reducing irritation and dryness. Apply a thin layer of unscented occlusive moisturizer to protect the skin during recovery. This aids skin healing by promoting cellular hydration and collagen production. Regularly apply moisturizer throughout the healing process for a more effective recovery process.

Avoid Irritating Products 

Use gentle, unscented lotions, body washes, perfumes, tanning lotions, or deodorant during the first few days post-session. Chemical additives like fragrances and surfactants can be potential irritants to recently treated skin. Wash the treated area with lukewarm water to remove excess moisturizer or sweat. Take a break from using skincare products like retinol and acids if the laser treatment is done on the face. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid skin irritation from contact. 

Minimize Sun Exposure 

Limit exposure to UV rays following a laser treatment. Recently treated skin may be more susceptible to sunburns and other damage. Freckling and darkening are common side effects of heightened photosensitivity. Protect your skin from this damage by frequently applying unscented sunscreen and staying out of direct sunlight after laser treatment. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for maximum protection. Wear clothing with good skin coverage and a wide-brimmed hat if you plan to spend time outdoors. Avoid tanning beds and self-tanning products during the healing period.  

Additional Aftercare Tips

Your laser hair removal technician may suggest taking a break from intense exercise. This prevents excess sweat from irritating the treatment site. Staying hydrated and using over-the-counter medications can help alleviate mild swelling or inflammation. The results of laser treatments aren’t immediate and may not be noticeable until a week after your session. Things like scrubbing, rubbing, or using tweezers on the treated area can speed up the hair removal process but aren’t necessary. Not every hair in the treated area will be permanently affected after the first session, so you may need to schedule 6-12 treatments to see permanent results.

Laser Hair Removal at Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care

At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we use the Candela Gentlemax Pro for laser hair reduction. This tool helps us provide efficient, comfortable laser treatments for our clients. A consultation appointment with one of our technicians will help you determine if laser hair removal is right for you and how many sessions you’ll need to schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our hair removal services and schedule a consultation. 

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