Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Dark Skin?

Until recently, laser technology could not properly differentiate between skin pigment and hair follicles. But thanks to advanced technology, laser hair removal is safe and effective for dark skin tones. Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care provides comfortable, efficient, and effective laser hair reduction treatments. Below is more information on how laser hair removal works on dark skin.

How It Works

Laser hair reduction uses a laser light source to destroy the hair follicle. The process targets a particular medium, such as a hair follicle, melanin, or pigment. The energy from the laser damages and destroys hair follicles, stopping them from producing more hair. Modern lasers target the melanin in the hair root without interfering with the high melanin content of the surrounding dark skin. 

Early laser models were not designed to distinguish hair follicles and skin melanin. They were not designed with melanin in mind. They only detected the contrast between skin pigment and hair follicles. Due to this, individuals with darker complexions were at a higher risk of experiencing hypopigmentation, scarring, burns, and other negative reactions. 

But new models of laser are designed with dark skin in mind. They have more efficient cooling devices, longer pulse durations, and longer wavelengths to treat dark skin successfully.

Book a complimentary consultation with us, and we’ll assess hair and skin suitability before commencing treatments. We can effectively and safely treat clients of various profiles. 

Test patching the area treated and adjusting the suitable energy helps with darker skin tones. We use a dynamic cooling device, which means you will receive a more comfortable treatment reducing the need for topical anesthetic. Our team will treat you in a specific setting that matches your skin type.

What the Right Laser Offers

Laser hair reduction removes hair using amplified light. The energy emitted from the light removes hair safely by targeting pigment in each follicle. The right laser can safely remove hair in people with dark skin tones. For this reason, you should visit an expert who uses the right laser device.

Modern lasers target only the hair follicle and bypass the melanin in your skin. They eliminate very coarse and dark hair and effectively remove fine hair and hair with light brown roots. Using the right type of laser will prevent negative side effects like permanent discoloration, burns, and scarring.

We use GentleMax Pro laser technology to treat darker skin tones safely. The technology uses two lasers (one for darker skin and another for fair skin). 

Our laser for darker skin has longer wavelengths and a reduced melanin absorption rate. Modern lasers can identify the difference between your skin color and hair color. The combination of technologies helps us to create a customized treatment to match each hair type and skin tone.

Get Help From the Best Laser Hair Removal Service

At Cirine Hair Removal & Skin Care, we’ll provide you with the best laser hair removal in Chicago. We perform laser treatments using the best medical-grade technology.

Our team continues learning about the most effective, comfortable, and safest laser reduction removal. Schedule your complimentary consultation today if you are ready to get hair-free, smooth skin.

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