Comfort+ Electrolysis

Comfortable, Permanent Hair Removal

electrolysis with numbing

About Comfort+ Electrolysis

Experience permanent hair removal with our exclusive Comfort+ Electrolysis protocol.

Traditional electrolysis is combined with a comfort protocol which includes topical numbing cream and local numbing injections administered by a licensed and board-certified nurse practitioner.

This allows for improved comfort, efficiency, and results.

Learn how Comfort+ compares to traditional electrolysis.

Areas We Treat with Comfort+

Face, underarms, abdomen, and bikini area.

Comfort+ Electrolysis Pricing: Face

comfort+  Face Pricing:

2 hours: $520
4 hours: $840
6 hours: $1260

Comfort+ Electrolysis Pricing: Body

comfort+  Body Pricing:

2 hours: $520
4 hours: $840
6 hours: $1260

Comfort+ Electrolysis Pricing: BIKINI

comfort+  Bikini Pricing:

2 hours: $580
4 hours: $960
6 hours: $1440


The first step in starting Comfort+ Electrolysis is to complete a consultation. Schedule yours here.

Comfort+ differs from regular or traditional electrolysis in a few key areas:

  • Improved Comfort
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Results

Traditional electrolysis can be quite painful, especially in sensitive areas of the body. Comfort+ includes numbing injections to make the electrolysis process virtually painless. Since you’re numb, we can be more efficient when performing the electrolysis treatment.

This improved comfort and efficiency allow you to achieve your permanent hair removal goals quicker than by traditional means.

Many electrolysis clients are candidates for Comfort+. If you’ve found traditional electrolysis to be too painful or if you have a significant amount of hair, Comfort+ electrolysis may be a great option for you. Schedule a complimentary Comfort+ consultation to learn more.

Before booking a treatment, you’ll need to complete a health history form which will help us determine if there are any contraindications for your treatment. Administration of medications and injections are subject to the discretion of Adam Chavez, DNP.

Yes! Our exclusive Comfort+ Electrolysis protocol was designed with your comfort in mind. The process includes a topical numbing cream and local numbing injections to numb the treatment area for an extended period. You will likely experience some discomfort from the numbing injections but afterward, you’ll avoid the pain of electrolysis.

Currently, we offer Comfort+ Electrolysis for sessions up to 4 hours in length.

We offer Comfort+ Electrolysis only at our Chicago location at 1834 W. Foster Avenue.

After completing a series of Comfort+ Electrolysis treatments, you may need to have touch-up appointments with traditional (regular) electrolysis. Your Cirine electrologist will develop a plan specific to your needs.

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